Resources For Website Coding


logo_codecademy is a site, that can be a nice learning experience for HTML and it features free online courses. Their tutorials are interactive and feature a WYSIWYG(what you see is what you get) editor most of the time on the side of your code, so while your coding you can interact with the code while learning it. Along with HTML, this site features other programming languages CSS, Javascript, jQuery, PHP, Python, and ruby.


HTML5rocks html5rocks is a really nice resource for learning HTML tricks, this site has a lot of professional input from programmers themselves and even share some of their code as examples in helping you learn HTML/CSS. HTML5 rocks features many different authors that contribute to post up information this site even has a section that shows updates with HTML5 such as new tags and or different ways to doing things. They also have another sytlish way to keep you engaged with learning these languages such as having presentation slides, and videos to help you get the ball rolling.



logo is a site that lets you learn HTML in depth along with css, javascript and php. This website has the feel of a book while also featuring a forum where you can ask questions and get responses back from other people that are willing to help you with your coding needs.


tizagSugar  is a site that lets you learn both HTML/CSS going through the individual tags. Along with html/css this site also lets you learn Javascript,PHP,Perl,Ajax,ASP,and VBScript. While going through these tags, you can see what it does for they provide examples for you they even show different applications for each tag.  Design snack is an excellent site. This site gives you access to a gallery of works made from HTML/CSS and also features some example codes where you can learn HTML/CSS while seeing the outcome.


Screen-shot-2010-02-20-at-3.17.53-PM this site features many tutorials and the beginning information needed to begin learning CSS. This site features many post linking to other sites which host tutorials and even more information some even in video form about CSS so that can be a great site to expand on what knowledge you know about CSS so it can open you up to more and more resources.


CSS-Tricks-logo the home page brings us to a blog featuring posts about many different possibilities of CSS, along with this blog the site features; learning videos, Css property tags, in depth tutorials on HTML/CSS/Javascript/jQuery/PHP, a community forum where many people contribute to the learning process with these codes and even what they call a lodge. Their lodge is a series of video lessons from these scripting languages. A great thing about this site is when you think you learned it well enough there is a section where jobs are posted and you may even find a career.


Bloc-logo-rectangle-grey I have never used their service but while searching the web for places to learn website coding such as HTML/CSS this site is referenced over and over as a great site even with its high price tag of $5000, it sure would be a great site to look into to as most colleges would cost more and take longer to learn the material. It is a online course site that varies in time with its’ lessons depending on when you are available to participate.

1415986192_m76xiyilnvdfu2e  This place has a vast amount of tutorials for almost if not every aspect of coding. Striking features of this site are “Over 19,370 free tutorials,500+ courses,and 200+ Ebooks”.This site covers a lot even graphic design, game design, along with html,css,javascript,and flash coding.

pythonlogo  This site is advertising an book written by Zed A. Shaw that teaches you how to write the programming language Python. Another big plus for this site quoted from the site itself “Money back guarantee. As long as you don’t download everything, if you put in the work and the book doesn’t work for you,
I’ll give you your money back no questions asked.”


treehouselogo  Tree  House is an online school that offers courses on a lot of programming languages; HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, RUBY, PHP, PYTHON, JAVA and IOS and android app coding. It is taught through an series of videos and exercises. They have great reviews around the web and have an 14 day free trial so you can try it out before you pay.



Coding Communities

25231GitHub  is a stupendous coding community, where you can share your code with other to receive help or to share for the benefit of sharing. You can even start a collaboration with people on any type of project you may have or get resources for your project from when someone shared it.


topcoderlogoTopcoder is a friendly welcoming site that even offers rewards to contributors. Here you can learn and increase your coding skills.